What My Clients Think

Client Testimonials

Here a few thoughts from some of my clients regarding my services.

"I had known Manu for many years in her previous life as a photographic lab manager.

I knew of her passion for fitness but I had no idea how deeply committed and skilled she was in assisting people to begin to get a glimpse of their own potential.

A few years ago I went through a major emotional train wreck after my marriage broke down. My health, both mental and physical, took a severe battering. I bumped into Manu one afternoon and she offered me real encouragement to get my life back into focus.

I took up her offer of some one on one personal training and within weeks I was beginning to feel more optimistic.

Manu didn't push me unrealistically but with her support, encouragement and the occasional bit of cajoling I began to achieve more than I'd ever dreamed. The highlight for me was 12 months later running 16 kilometeres non stop cross country in Switzerland.

Manu is a unique person in the fitness industry. She has the professional skills and physical capacity to assist elite athletes, but also the ability to "sense" what us mere mortals need so we will at least attempt to reach our goals."

Jonathan Jones

Manu and I have been working together for almost a year now. She was recommended by a friend and I was looking for one on one training. We meet once a week at 6.45 in the morning for an hour. I love it! We have a program for cardio, core strength and endurance. Manu has gradually lifted my performance and the sessions are always different so it is never boring or repetitious. I’m in my mid 50s and feel strong, toned and fit. One of my goals was to improve my boxing and I’m a pretty hard hitter now. What I’m most proud of is that I wanted to train outdoors and we did this all through the Hobart winter! Right gear and right trainer and it was a breeze. Manu has been just the trainer I was looking for.

– Therese Taylor, CEO

I know which foods I should and should not be eating. I know how to live a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. I know that I feel so much better when I exercise. but sometimes I just don’t do it! Sometimes I need a bit of extra encouragement and support to help me make the right choices every day for a healthier lifestyle and a happier me. Manu is that little voice sitting on my shoulder. She keeps me on track, providing holistic support, realistic advice and a good laugh!

– Tracy Matthews (MI PT Tragic !!)

Manu is always genuinely interested in knowing how I am, what I’ve been doing, and in doing so created a positive emotional link between me and the gym experience (something I try hard to train others in). I'm an assessor for fitness trainers and I tend to be quite critical of some approaches when it comes to exercise choice and adaptability, plus the approach to facilitating a session. Manu was able to identify my preferences very quickly throughher genuine interest and questioning - and construct a workout that included many of the exercises I enjoy. I would certainly recommend Manu to anyone that wanted a PT that was genuinely interested in them and attaining their goals without the associated ‘fluff’ others tend to focus on.

–Nic Stephen, Director

“My name is Erin and along with my boyfriend Luke, I have been working with Manu since November 2011. Luke and I do a combination of sessions together and individually with her. Although the sessions with the three of us are great I love working individually. Sessions are always interesting, challenging, and dare I say, fun. Manu has a way of making you work hard without you even noticing. I can not state how much value I have received from working with her. She has helped me to focus on what my goals are and how I am going to achieve them. As a trainer, she handles the differences between Luke and I with ease, is always alert to any niggles or aches and will alter a session plan to avoid injuries, and has a never ending assortment of exercises and stretches up her sleave. She expects commitment and determination from you and what’s better is she makes you expect the same from yourself. A session with Manu is filled with laughs and hard, hard work. I highly recommend you take the first step and meet her.”

– Erin Foley, Law Interpretation Officer

Manu has been amazing at pushing this sedentary couch potato into physical activity. I started training with Manu around 4 months ago. She pushes me into more than I thought my body was capable of. Her holistic approach to my fitness has manifested in a marked improvement to my general health. She gives great tips on diet, exercise and lifestyle; tailoring everything we do into what is manageable on the day. Manu pushes me when I need to be pushed, and inspires me to work towards my fitness goals independent of her coaching. She is warm, generous and encouraging. Our sessions are always interesting and challenging. She also puts up with a great deal of whinging usually with a smile and some encouragement. She is an awesome personal trainer and I am really priveliged to have her as mine.

– Kate Nixon

Having not done any structured fitness/strength training for about 5 years I was finding it very hard to get motivated and into a regular workout routine. My goals were clear; I wanted to be in a position where I didn’t need a personal trainer but could train myself. Enter Manu. From the start I knew Manu was not about getting a client and keeping them as long as she could, but about what I wanted and how she could work her best to make my goals happen. Since we started training together I have lost weight, increased muscle mass, and improved my overall well being. Most importantly to me is that I am nearly at the stage where my fitness, strength, and motivation is at a level where I don’t need Manu’s assistance anymore…but the sessions are so good, and results so great I just don’t think I’ll stop!

– Simon Turk, Software Development Manager

"Fitness is in my blood, I cannot remember a time when getting up at 6am or the laundry basket being full of sweaty gym clothes was not the norm. I've rowed at a national level, run up mountains, and done more laps of the pool that I could ever count, and yet when I started personal training with Manu, all of my previous hard work seemed to pale in comparison to what I was about to undertake. I asked Manu to help achieve a new me. I had no trouble doing the work, I was just not doing it to the best of my ability and I needed a refresh, in all aspects of my regime - fitness, diet and motivation. I realised I was in a rut. Well within a week, not only had I climbed out of my rut, but I was flat out carving a new path. Manu had put together an incredibly challenging and varied combination of workouts, and her constant support, daily musings and encouraging texts made it all seem possible. During our time together, I lost weight, added boxing to my list of favorite things, saw a change in my skin and sweated more than I had in years!!! I can honestly say I pushed my self to a new personal limit - nearly fainting on more than a couple of occasions!!! But the best part was that even after a grueling session of stair runs, skipping, running, boxing and abs I still liked Manu - and looked forward to the next session. I know that training at that level is not everyone's cup of tea, and we all need different things - but that is what I asked for and Manu delivered in smashing form. She's a gem and now also a friend, and I believe capable of finding the best in anybody. So if you're ready to find a better version of yourself - Manu's the trainer to help you. Trust me you wont regret it, only maybe that you didn't do it sooner!"

– Sam Buxton

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