Ask me a question!


I've never exercised before. Will Personal Training really help me?

Using a Personal Trainer to help you to achieve your personal fitness goals can be really helpful. Often the most difficult stage in getting fit is getting started. I am a fully qualified fitness professional and I can help you not only get started in achieving your fitness goals but also ensure that you are doing the right sort of routines so you can get the results you want and avoid injury.

I've tried a PT before and it didn't work. Why will you be any different?

My short answer to that question is "everybody's different." Just because using a PT didn't work for you before, isn't a reason not to try again. There are many reasons why your previous experience was disappointing but it is important that you make sure it wasn't due to lack of commitment on your part. My training programs are designed to help you to become passionate about your health … I can absolutely guarantee that if you commit yourself totally to my programs, looking after your health will become a way of life.

Money is tight for me. Do you have any special rates?

Due to the nature of my business it is impossible for me to offer discounted rates. I can, however, help you by offering a discounted rate if you would like to train with your partner of family member. Call me for more information.

I want to lose weight. Can you help me?

Having a healthy weight is not just about exercise. It's also about what you eat and your attitude to food. I can certainly provide you with a program that will assist in burning off extra calories but it's vital that you understand that you will have to modify your eating habits. I am passionate about eating delicious and nutritious food and I can help you with some basic ideas for healthy nutrition. For additional help I can recommend highly qualified Dietitians who can help you with menu ideas.

What are your qualifications?

I have a wide range of professional qualifications including Diploma of Business HR, Diploma of Business Management, Fitness Australia Certificate-Level 3 Professional, Registration number 15684 exp: 30/6/2020, Yin Yoga Teacher. My program specific qualifications include; • Gym Instructor, • Personal Trainer, • Yin Yoga Teacher, • Older adult trainer, • Punchfit Certificate (boxing), • Network Pilates Certificate, • Wellness Coaching Australia Certificate, • Cycling Certificate, • Zumba qualified, • Fitball qualified • AKBL Kettlebell Trainer Level 1.

What happens if you and I don't get on?

I always meet with a new client first for a coffee, chat and initial consultation. This won't cost you anything and we'll soon see how we get on together. I am a methodical trainer and as long as you and I have an open and honest relationship we will get on just fine. Just don't expect any sympathy when you ring to cancel a session because you have a hangover or a cold!

When are you available for sessions?

I am available from 5am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Advance bookings need to be made at least 24 hours ahead. Changes to your sessions need to be discussed with me. Cancellations of appointments are a no go zone unless you're dead! Seriously though, unless a cancellation occurs for a legitimate reason I will not be particularly understanding.

I find it really hard to schedule a time for exercise. What do you recommend?

Most of us can't find time to do everything we want. It comes down to discipline. How much do you really want to improve your health. From my perspective my health comes before absolutely anything else in my life … after all if I don't have good health what have I got? So … you have to decide how committed you are going to be to improving your health. As a trainer I will encourage, cajole and participate in your efforts. But if you can't be committed enough neither can I.

Am I covered by your insurance?

I am fully covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

If you have any further questions regarding my services, rates and qualifications please email me at