MIPT Services and Programs

2016 Programs

There is no time like right now to start improving your fitness and your health. I have a range of options to assist you in getting the results that you want as well ensuring that you enjoy the process. Getting fit without having fun is just hard work! Below you will find programs that may be a perfect "fit" for you. If not, email me by clicking here and let's have a chat about what I can do for you. Ciao, Manu.

Yin Yoga

This is a Yoga  class where you get a chance to let go of daily stresses, and nurture your physical and mental health as one.
We will practice mindfully, using our breath as our anchor to help reduce tension and anxiety.
Some students have noticed that just after a few classes they are experiencing an improved sense of wellbeing.

Yoga also assists in you developing increased mental clarity and improved sleep patterns.
Classes are beginner friendly, and will run in 5 weeks blocks.
The room, at 176 Macquarie Street in Hobart, is set to a warm and comfortable temperature, and is designed to promote rest and relaxation.
Bolsters, blanket, mats and all other props are supplied.
Maximum 6 students per class. Please contact me for more information.

One on One Personal Training


One on One training is the best way to get started on improving your health and fitness. You don't have to be fit to benefit from MIPT One on One.

It's also the perfect way for an already fit person to start working towards a specific goal such as competing in a major challenge.

I work with clients of all ages, from their early 20's to their mid 60's and they are all at different fitness levels.

As your Personal Trainer I will work with you. Think of me as your Guide. I won't hold your hand but neither will I push you to unrealistic limits.

I can guarantee that you will be the focus of my attention for each and every session and i require you to have the same focus. Without you committing 100% to your sessions, you won't get the results you want and you won't give yourself the healthy future you deserve.

No matter what level of fitness you have, the advantages of using a Personal Trainer in your fitness routines include minimising injury, maximising your time and ensuring you are doing the correct exercises for the results that you want.

We can do our sessions at your home,at the Tas Sport Physio Personal Training area, in the park or on the beach … so much choice! You will not be bored!

I have appointments available from 7 am to 7 pm , Monday to Friday and Saturday if absolutely necessary…I need some time to ride my bike as well.

My One on One training also includes delving into the mysteries of healthy eating. I can work with you to review your nutrition and can even design a program that includes a supermarket review, pantry cleanup and weekly menu planning. Don’t struggle on your own, use some of your PT sessions to gain knowledge on how to read food labels, or keeping your pantry “healthy” and free of tempting, high calorie food.

Together we can plan a weekly shopping and cooking routine which you will enjoy.

If your pantry and fridge are full of fresh, healthy and nutritious food you are less likely to give in to cravings.

One On One is not about me holding your hand all the time. You need to commit 100% to your health and fitness routine … you have to take charge and be responsible so you can give yourself the healthy future you deserve.

Get on your bike

I admit it! there's nothing I love more than being on my bike and enjoying the scenery, fresh air and challenge of riding in Tasmania's wonderful landscape. Cycling isn't for everyone but I can't recommend highly enough the use of a static bike for exercise. It's a great low impact way of getting an aerobic workout as well as improving your metabolism.


I am able to include static and road bike work as part of your training package.

I am also able to provide PT support for riders who are wanting to improve their techniques and fitness levels for participating in cycling and multi-discipline events.


I am no Cadell Evans but I can guarantee that your bike work with me will get the results you want and I may just surprise you. I have competed in several challenges including the 2011 West Coast Police Charity Ride, Coles Bay 100, Summer Survival, Winter Challenge, Polliepedal 2012, theFreycinet Challenge and the 2012 Police Charity Ride.