Yin Yoga


This is a Yoga  class where you get a chance to let go of daily stresses, and nurture your physical and mental health as one.

We will practice mindfully, using our breath as our anchor to help reduce tension and anxiety.


Some students have noticed that just after a few classes they are experiencing an improved sense of wellbeing.

Yoga also assists in you developing increased mental clarity and improved sleep patterns.

Classes are beginner friendly, and will run in 5 weeks blocks.


The room, at 176 Macquarie Street in Hobart, is set to a warm and comfortable temperature, and is designed to promote rest and relaxation.

Bolsters, blanket, mats and all other props are supplied.

Maximum 6 students per class.

Please contact me for more information.

"I have so much Yang in my life already ! A Yin practice with Manu is what my body needed ...thank you"

– Michelle

"Thank you Manu, lovely and relaxing....feeling much more in-balance now"

– Sarah

"My legs and back feel amazing! Uber relaxing"

– Bec

“What a way to end the day ...thank you Manu"

– Mardy and Dave

"Thank you Manu , I had an amazing and restful sleep after our Saturday practice"

– Andrea

"I really enjoyed the neck adjustment, and the head massage. Thank you"

– Darren

"It was amazing ! I walked out on a cloud...still feeling the benefits the day after, coming back for more"

– Gillian

"My neck and back are feeling much more relaxed , and I loved the rest (corpse pose) at the end"

– Amy and Craig